Jay budget up slightly

Douglas further stated, "Overall, the budget increased from $2,603,315 in 2010 to $2,635,665 in 2011; an increase of $32,350. Overall this is not too bad when the town of Jay's increase to the NYS Retirement System increased $32,629 up from $70,827 in 2010 to $103,456 in 2011."

"The total two year increase from 2009 to the town is $66,675.00. In 2009, Jay's NYS retirement share cost was $40,505.00," he said.

Budget Officer Susan Richards said, "As in every budget year, our job is to look at each line item in our appropriations and revenues and determine whether or not we are operating in a fiscally responsible manner and still managing to meet the needs of our constituents. With the rise of New York State mandates, we are forced to increase appropriations and make adjustments in other areas of the overall budget in order to keep taxes reasonable. This is a very difficult task."

The town of Jay is also increasing their rental income to help offset the community center building costs.

Health insurance cost rose 10 percent from $171,442.68 to $191,754.48; an increase of $20,311.80. In 2007, the town implemented an annual employee/retire contribution rate based on an employee's date of hire. The employee/retiree contribution percentages range from 10 to 50 percent of the total cost for health insurance. This cost saving measure helped the town offset financial health care crisis our nation is faced with.

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