Wandering whitetails, nervous drivers

Deer caught in the road by an approaching vehicle may not move out of the way, even if the driver honks the horn. They've only got one thing on their minds at this time of year.

Drivers should slow to a stop to allow deer to cross, and wait. Remember, deer travel in groups, and if you see one, you'll probably see a few more.

Paint by number, hunt by color

Here are a few facts and statistics to ponder as your wander during the hunting season.

Colors are associated with a wide variety of causes and campaigns these days. We've got Red states and Blue states, which are named for their dominant political persuasion and we've got white for wedding celebrations and black for mourning.

But only blaze orange is recognized for it's international appeal. Although fluorescent orange clothing has long been considered essential gear among many hunters, in some states, the use 'hunter orange' is optional. Currently, forty states require hunters to use some element of orange material, while in the field.

In New York, where the use of orange is still not mandatory statewide, a study determined that 94 percent of all hunters involved in incidents where they were mistaken for game; were not wearing hunter orange. The figure is even more startling when you consider that 81 percent of New York hunters regularly wear hunter orange.

I know many hunters who claim the mandatory use of orange is an infringement on their personal freedoms. However, when an individual in possession of a high-powered rifle mistakes them for a game animal, their personal freedoms are also likely to be infringed upon.

Moose River Recreation Area

Following the uproar over a proposed closure of roads and road access campsites within the vast Moose River Plains Recreation Area, the NYSDEC revised their closure plans. Fortunately, instead of engaging in a prolonged battle, the various factions came together in cooperation.

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