Mill Creek Musings 11-13-2010

I've heard the question, "Do you want to scratch like a turkey or soar like an eagle?" As far as this writer is concerned, it is a moot point. The last time I checked I had no visible wings. The truth is that most of us spend our lives, from week to week, working 9 to 5 just to make a living.

We admire the soaring eagle for its majesty. Eagles are known for having excellent eyesight and for being birds of prey. Eagles are relatively rare birds. When there is an eagle sighting, it is of a solitary bird sitting atop a tree. Eagles are loners.

Turkeys, on the other hand, are sociable creatures. They're groupies. There's safety in numbers. My grandmother used to say, "Birds of a feather flock together". There's a flock of about fifteen on Harrington and Heath Roads. They scratch at the ground beneath bird feeders and clean up the seeds the smaller birds dropped.

With no calendar to guide them, these birds haven't a clue that November is the month when we humans celebrate Thanksgiving. With no subscription to Woman's Day or Family Circle, they haven't seen the full page spread showing their golden roasted Butterball cousins.

But the turkeys do know that the days are getting shorter and colder. They may have heard the reports of hunters' shotguns. These birds have a preservation instinct. When humans close in they disappear in the high grass or fly to a low branch on the nearest apple tree.

November is also football season. While watching USC play Oregon, I saw a very admirable bird. Oregon's mascot is a duck. Each time his team scored a touchdown, the duck did as many pushups as the total score. This feat was repeated throughout the game for a total of over 250 pushups.

I have as much chance of performing like the duck as I do of flying like the eagle. Guess I'll just have to go on scratching like the turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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