•100 Years Ago - November, 1910•

Murderer smiles at sentencing

Beecher Faber, the murderer of Maude Ryan, pled Guilty Oct. 28, 1910 at his third trial in state Supreme Court at Lake George to second-degree murder. Justice Van Kirk sentenced him to 20 years at hard labor at Dennemora Prison. He sat in the courtroom beside his attorney, apparently unconcerned with his hands in his pockets and his legs extended, with a cynical smile on his lips as he looked at the judge with a leering expression. He had been sentenced to die in the electric chair on Aug. 8, 1909 but the Court of Appeals granted him a stay of execution. The gates at Clinton prison have closed behind him.

(Note: Reportedly, it had not been Faber's intention on Jan. 23, 1909 to kill Caldwell resident and waitress Maude Ryan, but she unfortunately got in the way when Faber was gunning for someone else at the Glens Falls restaurant where she worked.)

Reader's letter-to-editor refers to baby's death

"This here weekly paper (Warrensburgh News) means a heap to me. You see, the time we lost our little baby and me and Ma was heart broke as could be - why, when that editor comes out and praises his little blameless life, his cunning way, and speaks of him as "sleepin 'neath the daisies," it somehow helped to take the pain away. In the hull (sic) wide world there ain't no other can take this newspaper's place with me and Ma." (Note: John L. Tubbs was editor of the newspaper in 1910 and undoubtedly he would approve of the Adirondack Journal as our hometown newspaper as it continues to reflect the character and interests of citizens in the communities of northern Warren County.)

Train crew badly injured

The southbound train on the Adirondack branch of the D.& H. Railroad, due in Corinth on Nov. 10, 1910, ran into Hanfield's switch a mile south of the depot. The engine was demolished, passengers were thrown from their seats and three members of the crew, conductor Jud Cull, baggage man Leroy Hawkes, and another worker with the last name of Trefontain, were injured. None of the passengers were hurt.

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