The Wejuk Files:

Part 5:

A group of amateur researchers are searching the north woods of Vermont and New York for a strange creature long thought to be extinct-known in folklore as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. In the North Country of New York, New England and Quebec, the creature is known by its regional Indian name, correctly spelled Wejuk (wee-juck).

Bigfoot or Wejuk sightings are the focus of the Northern Sasquatch Research Society based in Hudson Falls, N.Y. Its members include Frank Siecienski of Hubbardton, Brian Gosselin of Whitehall, Cliff South of South Glens Falls, and John Pearson and Bill Brann of Glens Falls.

Former Whitehall police officer Brian Gosselin was an eyewitness to a now famous August 1976 Wejuk incident on Abair Road in Hampton, N.Y., near the Vermont state line, across from Fair Haven.

Gosselin has been featured on several television documentaries about Bigfoot or Wejuk.

Bigfoot researchers around the word know about the famous sighting of a creature, by former police officer Brian Gosselin and others, in August 1976 in the Whitehall, N.Y. area. Bill Brann of NSRS continues our discussion.

L.V. I understand a forensic artist sketched the creature described by Brian Gosselin and the others in 1976?

Brann: Artist Sue Ellis drew a picture based on the descriptions. It walked with a slouch, bent at the shoulder area, but it walked upright. Brian pointed out the buttocks, Sue indicated that in the drawing. When I asked the eyewitnesses if the drawing looks like what they saw, they said 'it does and it doesn't'. They were precise about that. It does have features they saw but it isn't exact. It's an artist's conceptionbased on descriptions. I photographed Brian and Paul Gosselin at the (Abair Road) site a few days after the incident.

L.V. I am surprsied to learn that you got involved very early in this well-known case.

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