My thereapists have big ears!

My therapists' names are Jazz and Rooney and they have guided me in the discovery of those things that are most important in life. They have done so without expecting anything in return for having given such a vast gift.

Our patient-therapist relationship stretches across more than six years and during that time they have never let me down, not even once! When we meet, each time it is like I have been away for a year and they shower me with abundant and unrestrained affection. They care so much about me that when I am there alone with them, they focus almost completely on me. Their intuition is astounding, when I'm happy, they join in the celebration and when I'm sad, they sit quietly with me. Though it is unconventional for a therapist to do so, they sometimes put their heads on my lap or sit on my feet. In addition to the affection and friendship they offer me, they reminded me, by example, that I am largely responsible for my own happiness and I can create my own happiness by following a few simple precepts.

My therapists are proponents of regular exercise and joyfully embrace a long walk, a swim in the river or snowshoeing under a winter night's moon. They are proponents of good belly rubs, the kind where you lie on your back and just enjoy every second. My therapists know that life is very short and that any opportunity for a hug, a touch or an expression of affection should always be taken, every time. My therapists live by example when it comes to health. They maintain a healthy weight, eat modest meals, drink water whenever it is available and only indulge in treats occasionally. My therapists have taught me that holding on to grudges or anger only hurts me and they are always quick to forgive any insult or oversight by those around them. My therapists have also taught me the value of restraint and to avoid biting someone when simply growling will suffice. My therapists have shared that meeting new acquaintances is always exciting and fun, but loyalty and faithfulness to our families and friends are among the most important commitments that we can make. My therapists have taught me that sometimes, our loved ones need to be deep in themselves sometimes and just sitting close and listening is the best thing to do. My therapists have reminded me that spontaneity is truly the spice of life and also makes for many humorous and memorable moments in our lives. As many of us overload our schedules with jobs, work at home or other activities, spontaneity can disappear. My therapists are golden retrievers and yes they are pretty, but they are so much more.

Though it may be inappropriate to love your therapists, I do. They have helped me to raise a family, enriched my life in so many ways and most importantly, they have taught me to give ourselves unconditionally whenever we can.

Remember, all kids count.

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