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Man, oh, man-did I have a good soup for lunch today. Beet. Beet soup it was. Red as red, smooth and soft as velvet.

I asked the chef what she had in it: beet, onion, celery, ginger, thyme maybe, and something else. That's all I remember. The point is beet was not the only ingredient. I'll either ask the chef how she made it, or look it up, cause I tell you what-it was some good, soup. It's all I've been thinking about. Of course I like beets.

The sourp was served in a reddish mug which worked for me. The place also has a golden colored mug that I'll ask to have the soup in next time, which I hope is tomorrow, cause I'm eating there tomorrow, and what with thinking many folks will choose today's other soup offering, black bean, over the beet soup, there will still be some beet left for tomorrow. You want to have things to look forward to.

I'm headed to Richford, Vt., tonight to do a private show for a small company of farmers and their wives. I'll eat on the way home in Morrisville at the Bee's Knee's. I love their mac and cheese. I don't like garlic, so lucky for me the Bee's Knee's doesn't put any in their m and c.

I like the portion size they serve; they serve it with a small salad and I always order two orders of applesauce. They don't make the applesauce there, but I know it's made from a small joint. For some reason I've more of an attraction to food if I think it's not coming from a huge manufacturing plant. So mac and cheese, small salad, double order of applesauce, so thick you can eat it with a fork; and for desert, what else, a brownie. They make some good ones at the Bee's Knee's. Of course there is live music and pretty girls every night and locals to chat with. Most nights I prefer reading at the counter, but if the right local is there to chat with, why, I love to chat. For a drink, I have hibiscus iced tea with lemon. You want to have things to look forward to, right?

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