A Vermont triple murder mystery

"We want this book to cover all the emotions," Emilo said. "Romantic, spooky, suspenseful. We're looking at the end of next year to finish."

The real incident still baffles Vermont law enforcement officials.

Two females and one male were shot in the head with a .38 caliber firearm. A bullet fragment was found in one of the skulls, according to Emilo and Brande.

On May 15, 1935, the partially decomposed skeletons of three humans-two pre 16-year-old youths and one adult woman, between the ages of 20 and 35-were uncovered. The remains were wrapped tightly in what was described as a green canvas storefront awning. Seventy five years ago, the site of the crime was located near a cow pasture-now turned to woodland-along Raphael's Lane in East Middlebury.

Old Raphael Lane, now covered by autumn leaves, is part of the Leicester Hollow and VAS trail systems; it's located off Munson Lane and Burnham Drive, a few hundred yards northeast of the Middlebury State Airport fenceline.

"The skeletons were discovered shortly after noon. Mrs. Fred Dague and her daughter Inez Perry were out for a walk along the lane looking for mayflowers," said Roxanna Emilo. Emilo lives near the site where the skeletons were discovered. "At the time, this lane provided access to the Blackmor-Brookins family camp."

While accompanying her mother on the walk, Inez Perry noticed an odd whitish stone on the ground; she kicked it. The 'stone' turned out to be a human skull, Emilo said.

Even before Vermont State Police Det. Almo B. Franzoni and Addison County Sheriff Ralph Sweet were on the scene to investigate, the site was visited by local onlookers curious to catch a glimpse of the human remains. Eager high school students arrived in their jalopies to check out the excitement; classes ended early in the afternoon when the news reached downtown.

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