The NCSPCA would like to thank everyone who came and participated in the third annual Pet Fair Aug. 15 in Keene Valley. Its huge success depends on the families and dogs who come to enjoy the festivities and the following people who donate their time to make it a family-friendly event.

Have an upcoming trip to the vet? Here are some things to consider in ensuring your pet has a safe and comfortable visit. A trip to your local veterinarian does not have to be stressful or traumatic; the right preparation can also make the process run more smoothly.

Prior to the trip, make sure you have all previous vaccination and medical records handy. This is especially important if you are taking your pet to a new veterinarian who does not have the animal's history. Make a note of any questions you may have for easy reference. Be sure to record the type and amount of food your pet is eating, as some health conditions are affected by diet. If your pet is experiencing any illness, a thorough written description of the symptoms is greatly helpful. It is sometimes difficult to remember all the details without written notes.

When it is time to leave for the visit, make sure you bring a few favorite toys or other items for your pet during the car ride; this will make the trip more comfortable for them. Be prepared for your furry friend to be a bit confused or anxious ... they may need a lot of reassurance in a strange environment. Be sure they aren't able to run if they become startled - a sturdy carrier for your cat or a short leash for your dog is important. Both you and your pet will benefit from these simple steps - and your veterinarian with thank you for your preparation.

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