The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

The toe impressions were perfect; even the heel mark was good. For a human to make that impression you'd have to jump up and down several times. And (judging from the orientation of the footprint), it must have crossed to river (into Vermont).

L.V.: Did anyone else hear or see things around Abair Road?

Gosselin: There are people that live near the river in that area on the Vermont side-I do not have permission to mention their names. A T.V. movie made about the incident was filmed there. At the time of the film shooting, the residents told me that there are many things that they have seen and heard along the Poultney River. It's the boonies back there-thickets, swamps; it's just like the Amazon in there.

To be continued.

Check It Out: If you've seen Bigfoot or Wejuk in your area, have something unusual to report, or are simply interested in learning more about Wejuk research in Vermont and New York, contact Bill Brann of NSRS at northernbigfoot@yahoo.com or call 518-747-9134. All sighting information is kept strictly confidential.

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