The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

L.V. Was it an ape?

Gosselin: No, it was not an ape and it was not a bear.

L.V.: Did you ever feel your life threatened?

Gosselin: No. If it wanted me, it had me. But if it had moved any closer, I would have shot it-taken it in the head, the neck. But the thing of it is that between where the trooper was located and where I was located, it could have crossed the road, but it came toward me out of curiosity.

L.V.: Did you sense it was a beast or intelligent?

Gosselin: It was both.

L.V.: Was it humanlike?

Yes, in the way it walked. But a beast, too. It is something that doesn't belong here. It was not a gorilla; it was not a chimpanzee; it was not a bear. A bear's legs are too short to walk the way we walk, etc.

L.V.: What happened next?

Gosselin: I went back to Whitehall. And who do you think I found shaking like a leaf at the Silver Diner in Whitehall? It was Jeff, the New York State Police trooper. When I saw him, I said: "What the hell was that all about-leaving me out there all by myself?" Well, he was drinking coffee and shaking. So I asked him: "What exactly did you see, Jeff?" He replied: "I didn't see anything."

L.V.: You mean the trooper denied that the encounter ever happened?

Gosselin: After that happened my job was threatened. "Keep your mouth shut," I was told. Later, I threw news reporters out of my house. They were busting my chops about it.

L.V.: Did you ever return to the Abair Road encounter site out of curiosity?

Gosselin: Yes. Sometime later, my nephew Greg Gosselin and I returned to the scene. We walked from the paved road through the field and into the woods to an old, abandoned road near the Poultney River. There's a lot of clay and sand back there. Near the river bank, I found a footprint covered with pine needles. Finding that footprint was a coincidence.

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