The Top 10 reasons to take weight training seriously

It decreases your risk for diabetes - Research shows weight training can increase glucose utilization in the body by 23 percent in as little as four months.

It helps fight heart disease - Weight training can help to improve blood pressure, bring down sugar levels, and lower your cholesterol profile.

So, if you're ready to give weight training a try, I have developed the popular "Women On Weights" program that focuses specifically on women's needs. It is a great program to get you started and is tailored for each individuals specific needs and goals, with proper form and technique being of utmost importance. For more information on getting started with a weight training program, feel free to contact me.

Corinna Maggy is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. She can be reached at 605-3549 or corinna@adkbikeranch.com. The information contained within Health Matters is not a substitute for professional medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise program or beginning any nutritional regimen.

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