MLH a cool place with chiller

TICONDEROGA - It's no secret that saving energy these days is a top priority for individuals and businesses alike.

Moses-Ludington Hospital of Inter-Lakes Health, Inc. is no exception.

For Chief Engineer Dave Morin and his assistant Larry Lee, reducing the hospital's energy expenditures and costs while increasing efficiency is on their minds constantly. Thanks to a recent Rural Health Care Access Development grant, Morin has purchased and installed a new chiller made by Carrier Corporation.

"This new chiller will save our hospital in excess of $13,000 per year in energy costs," Morin said. "It won't only save money, it'll save manpower, too."

That's great, but what is a chiller, anyhow?

"The chiller is an on-demand device that cools circulating water for air conditioning and temperature control," Morin said. "It only chills when we need it to; otherwise, it idles. This feature is what reduces our energy consumption and costs, saving lots of electricity. "

Morin explained how the chiller is hooked up into MLH's energy management system to maintain adequate temperatures, and is monitored 24/7 by a remote computer. Remote monitoring helps protect the hospital in the even of an on-site problem.

The chiller also has significant state-of-the-art safety features built into it, Morin said. For example, if the oil or the freon in the unit drops too low or voltage drops due to a power outage or brown out, the chiller will put itself into alarm mode, shut itself off, etc.

The unit comes pre-programmed from Carrier, so less manpower hours are needed for maintenance.

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