Eat Well Play Hard grant gets kids in step

MOOERS - Students at Mooers Elementary School will have a new unit in physical education next school year.

After receiving a $1,600 mini-grant through the Eat Well Play Hard program, school nurse Connie Poupore was able to purchase exercise equipment including step platforms, resistance bands and hand-held fitness balls, which arrived at the school in April.

Currently, the students have not had a chance to get familiar with the equipment, but Patti Oliver-Moseley, the physical education teacher is working on the best way to get them ready.

Oliver-Moseley explained she is looking at New York State's standards and how she can best integrate the equipment into the curriculum.

"When I actually teach the unit, I'm probably going to do an aerobic day with everybody on the steps," she said, "and then a strength day."

The plan is to fit the nine-day lesson plan into the school year, around the other sports and activities. However, with so many other units required, Oliver-Moseley is hoping the students can use the supplies during their free time as well.

"[I'm] trying to also find and incorporate times during the day when they can come down and use the equipment and have music on," she explained.

Poupore, who said she purchased 24-30 pieces of every type of equipment, explained the $1,600 was very useful.

"Just the steps and the rack, $800," she said. "They're very expensive. This is a big treat to be able to get this money to use on this equipment, to do a whole unit. That's nice."

However, Poupore received some help from the companies she purchased the equipment from - Gopher and Flaghouse.

"They were very accommodating," she said. "I explained the situation. One gave us free shipping. The other gave us a discount in shipping. They were really good to work with us."

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