Athol-Thurman 5-29-10

Gravestone expert to hold local workshop

On Saturday June 5, the Thurman Cemetery Committee has arranged for Johnathan Appell, a professional gravestone conservator and monument mason, to lead a workshop at the Pendell Cemetery in town. He uses burial grounds to demonstrate and perform treatments for the most common problems with gravestones, including cleaning, resetting tilted stones and rejoining fractured stones.

Sign-in for the workshop will begin at 8:30 a.m. June 5 and the fee is $30 per person. Each person should bring a bagged lunch. Call 623-2505 to see if there are any openings as the workshop is limited.

Make a call, maybe save a life

It's that time of year for teen parties to erupt throughout the region, and parents are worrying about their children getting involved.

A tip line is available to report any parties that parents know about. Ask teenagers to also use the tip line to possibly save a life. All calls to this line at 761-9800 are anonymous.

Over the fence

Memorial Day is Sunday May 30 but will be a holiday for some workers on Monday May 31. Many employees in area stores, businesses, motels and restaurants will still have to work.

What is your personal opinions on the steps that Gov. Paterson is trying so hard to enact to make our state affordable to live in? He's been attempting to cut back on some of these huge state wages, which to be more pay in one day then the average person can earn in a year.

Pay increases? Let's see some letters to the editor on this! Has any other Governor ever tried so hard to get the state out of debt?

A moose was seen in the Mountain Road area last week, and little ducklings have been reported in local ponds with the mommy ducks watching them play.

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