E-cigarettes, a New Age smoking

Tredwell is committed to satisfying the needs of hardcore smokers who are looking for a clean alternative to puffing on traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

The Vermont Vapor-brand e-cig device itself is an odd blend of Chinese technology (Asians hold the patent on the electronic device) and high-quality Vermont USA e-liquid made by Tredwell. He oversees the production of his e-liquid product line which is made in a clean, quality-controlled environment. As a result, the Vermont Vapor e-cig is a truly smokeless, odorless device that is evocative of smoking-yet it is not smoking in the traditional sense.

Yes, a user puffs on an e-cig, but the misty material expelled isn't smoke-it's nearly 100 percent water vapor. (The e-cig uses a mini, battery-powered atomizer, or vaporizer, to turn pure water, food-grade glycerin, and natural flavoring into a pseudo-smoking experience.)

Thus, puffing on a Vermont Vapor e-cig is called "vaping"-short for vapor inhaling. And for many e-cig users who have failed to quit smoking tobacco through the use of foul-tasting nicotine chewing gum, cumbersome patches, even cold turkey fits, Vermont Vapor is a real lifesaver-literally.

"What you're seeing is just the vapor-no smoke. There is nothing that is burned. It's the e-liquid in the cartridge which is heated by the atomizer when you draw on the e-cig. There is usually no odor at all except maybe from the flavors, which are never overpowering or objectionable," Tredwell claims on the company website.

Because he and his mother so passionately believe in the benefits of the e-cig as an alternative to smoking, Tredwell and Barker chose to begin selling them and make their own quality-controlled liquid product line. Vaping is clearly a viable alternative for smokers.

While it's not cheap to switch from mainstream cigarettes to e-cigs (try around $70 for a starter kit that includes two long-lasting e-cigs, batteries, cartridges, A.C. battery charger, and starting liquid), the long-term costs of vaping are amazing compared to the hundreds of dollars spent monthly by traditional smokers-a cost that amounts to about $5 a week for heavy users. A single bottle of Vermont Vapor flavored vaping e-liquid will last the user many, many weeks depending on frequency.

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