Willsboro 5/22

May is the month for one of our school's annual traditions of having the Prom, where the students transform into very special people. Happy to report that all went well this year, it is reported they had lots of fun and no mishaps. Congratulations to Courtney Blanchard crowned the Queen and John Pollock crowned the King. Hopeful that the school budget passed this past week, in comparison to other schools around us, it is a very fair budget.

The weather has turned warmer and this last weekend there were many out walking, biking, playing ball and just enjoying the nice weather. Happy to report that Theresa Gauthier, Joan Sloper, Catherine Bigelow, and Madeline Blanchard had a most enjoyable visit with June Lincoln, she is doing very well. Some of these same people are busy getting ready for the big yard sale and auction that will be held once again at the Willsboro Methodist Church June 26; they are accepting items for the sale. Have some items to donate? Call them at 963-7651.

Don't be alarmed if you go past the Smith House this week in the evening hours and see all kinds of lights and activities, they are doing some major renovations that require them to work at closed hours and still allow the center to still see patients during the day. It was interesting to watch the felling of a very large tree in Joan Strong's yard this past weekend. it was much too close to the house and needed to come down. I have noted that quite a few trees around town have been cut down this spring.

An apology to Kyle Jacques-Britton for not wishing you a big happy birthday on 5/7, hope you had a great day.

Happy Birthday to Andrea Robare 5/22, Rona Hams 5/24, Pat Lincoln 5/24, Sid Couchey 5/24, Arlene Mason 5/25, Daphine Benway 5/27, Ruth Owens 5/27, Tyler Bridge 5/27, Spencer Stafford Jr. 5/28.

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