Turning Back the Pages 5-22-10

Brave lady bids farewell

Alma Bennett, 73, wife of the highly esteemed former Warrensburgh resident, Dennis Bennett, peacefully passed away May 8, 1910 at her beautiful home in Downey, California. She had been married to Bennett since Jan. 22, 1859, some 51 years ago. She had been an invalid and a patient sufferer nearly all her life. Jesus Christ was her personal Savior and she had a wonderful knowledge of the Bible.

Her mind was unusually clear and strong just before her death and she lovingly put her arms about the neck of her husband and said, "I want to kiss you goodbye, for I shall never see you again," and after that she was practically unconscious and remained so until the end.

Her sisters Mrs. F.R. Saville and Daisy Langworthy of Warrensburgh and her nieces were at her side since February until her death. She was buried in Los Angeles County.

(Note: Dennis Bennett was the uncle of famous aviator, Floyd Bennett, who on May 9, 1926, was the world-renowned pilot on commander Richard Byrd's historic flight over the North Pole.)

Despondent man ends his life

Charles E. Martindale of Glens Falls, a former resident of Warrensburgh, met death at his own hand early Saturday afternoon, May 28, 1910, at his home. Despondency because of ill health is given as the cause of the act. A few minutes after dinner, Mrs. Martindale, hearing the sound of a shot from the rear of the house, went to investigate and found her husband in the shed, the body lying in a pool of blood. Beside the remains was a 38-calibre revolver. Death took place before a physician could arrive. The bullet was fired through his left temple. It came out through the right side of the skull.

Martindale is survived by a widow, daughters Marletta Johnson and Clara Norcross, and sons Samuel and Herbert Martindale. The deceased was a veteran of the Civil War.

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