Mill Creek Musings 5/22

Our daughter's first job was in an advertising agency. In order to acquaint her with the business, they sent her on a photo shoot for a Miracle Grow Lawn & Garden ad. The photos were taken at a beautiful country estate surrounded by a flawless expanse of green grass.

The front yard at our farmhouse is green, but that is the only resemblance it bears to a Miracle Grow lawn. You see, it is not made up entirely of grass. In early spring grape hyacinths and wild hyacinths bloom between the wigelia bushes. A patch of purple violets seems to grow larger each year. I put off mowing because the violets look so pretty.

There's another smaller patch of very pale blue flowers that I'm told are bluets. We also have an abundance of dandelions. Some people dig them up, but I think their yellow flowers look cheery. I do mow them down with a vengeance once they turn white.

In the summer, the clover takes over. I live in hope of finding one with four leaves that will bring good luck. Then it is time for the thyme to bloom. It is not only colorful, but it also emits a pungent smell.

My favorite section of the yard is thickly covered with moss. I call it my wall-to-wall carpeting because it feels like soft, thick padding underfoot. In the early morning when I go out to get the newspaper, I love to walk barefoot across our lawn. I don't care if my feet get wet from the dew. I relish the feeling of all that luxurious growth. I'll never know, but I believe that a Miracle Grow lawn just wouldn't feel as good.

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