Bored in Vermont

A dentist flosses the teeth of others-often.

Forty two-guy teams compete to see which Town Road Crew has the best snow plow drivers. The teams navigate an obstacle course set with plastic bottle targets the driver and wing plowman try to knock over. It's a precision thing. You wouldn't believe how accurate these plow dudes are. Next winter, if after a storm, you awake to find your mailbox has been hit by the town plow guy consider your standing in town because the plow guy could easily have missed.

A friend of mine makes socks; sells them to our Armed Forces and the general public.

At the exact second I wrote this, and at the second you're reading it, thousands of hearty men and women are working roadway tollbooths. As you read, one of them is saying-"Exit 16? Take Route 4."

The sock guy? He employs hundreds of men and women.

Walking up the mountain behind my house, I came upon a moose standing with her calf by her side. I snuck up behind, oh, probably to within twenty feet of them. The mother's head nodded down toward her right front hoof "human," she said. The baby offered "big one."

You know what else I saw today? I saw a turkey fly. You didn't think they could?

There are people in bands playing Cuban music.

Behind my house, what essentially is, though I don't own it, my back yard, is a too hundred-acre piece of a six-mile long stretch named, Worcester Ridge. The parcel makes for dandy hiking. Near the apex of the ridge looking out to the west, one can scan a panorama from Camel's Hump, north as far as Lowell. From there, a three-minute hike to the apex of the ridge allows you to view a panorama of the east that includes most of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, and all of New Hampshire's Presidential mountain range. Oooo, aaah!

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