A plant called 'Gus': Asparagus tips

Prepare bare-root roses by pruning away any damaged roots, then soak the roots in water for several hours. Dig a hole 18 inches deep and wide, and create a mound of soil in the center. Place the roots in the hole, arranging them around the mound and adjusting the height so the graft is at or just below ground level. Fill in around the roots, firming soil gently, and water well. Mound mulch over the tops to protect the canes while the roots take hold.

After a long winter it's tempting to buy those first seedlings, flowers, and vegetable transplants you see on sale. Just remember these are tender and can be killed easily by freezing temperatures and frosts. This especially is true as most, early in the season, come from greenhouses or southern climates and haven't been hardened off to cool nights.

If you do buy now, make sure to not plant out until the last frost date in Rutland County (through mid-June in the Killington area).

Bring plants indoors on cold or frosty nights. If you plant in window boxes and containers, make sure these can be carried indoors too if needed.

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