I was recently talking with a friend of mine who informed me that he had some difficulty finding an apartment that would allow "Pit Bulls," though other dogs were welcome residents. We discussed some of the misconceptions about this breed of dog, and the actual temperament of a breed that can foster some loyal and good-natured pups.

With the advent of summer sun just ahead, your pets may become increasingly uncomfortable as you enjoy the warmer temperatures. My two Maine Coon-mix cats definitely prefer cool weather; they've already had a few days of sitting in the window trying to catch a cooling breeze. There is a solution for your long-haired felines to keep them cool, although it may seem a little drastic at first.

The "Lion Cut" is a popular "hairstyle" for cats that involves shaving your kitty, aside from her head, mane, front legs, back feet, and tip of her tail. The resulting appearance resembles that of a lion. You can achieve this cut at home using a pair of standard pet shears; however, you may be more comfortable going to a professional groomer or a veterinarian, especially if your kitty is a bit skitterish. This cut offers advantages of helping your cat avoid hairballs, keeping her cleaner, providing a "cute" appearance, and cutting down on shedding throughout the summer months. Your cat's fur will of course grow back, and possibly better than before - if your feline friend has a lot of matted fur, you can prevent this from recurring by brushing her frequently as the hair regrows.

Our featured pet this week is Bubba, a Shepherd-mix who is an older fellow with a loving, mellow personality. His owner passed away recently, and no other family members were able to take him in. He is hoping to find a new family on which to lavish his affection and love. He's a charismatic pooch with a winsome smile. You will find that, although he is a mature dog, he can be a wonderful and rewarding new member of your home.

You can visit Bubba, and our many other dogs and cats available for adoption, at 23 Lakeshore Avenue in Westport. Call us at 962-8604 for more information, or check out our website at www.ncspca.org.

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