Keeseville 5/15

Our fair community is coming even more alive as our new grocery store, Mac's Market, has opened. The place is clean with a friendly staff and reasonably priced with some unique items. I can't wait to try some of the grilling sauces - sesame garlic - yum, yum!

My love of grilling is bringing me face to face with one of my frustrations with my home in Keeseville: my Jekyll and Hyde backyard. My front yard is fairly consistent and, hey, it's easy to find me - I'm the one who is too busy typing to mow.

We have two forces of nature to contend with in order to create a lush green Keeseville lawn. First are the moles that dig everything up. According to Greg at Adirondack Hardware, while there are many ways to kill moles that don't work, taking out the mole's food source, grubs, is easier. Hungry moles will look elsewhere. Just figure out what is living in your ground - worms, beetles, etc., and work at removing those.

Mother Nature's other monkey on our backs is the tomato blight. This is annoying as the current economy fosters a desire to grow food to save money and tomatoes are very easy to grow. Greg hopes the blight won't be so bad this year. It might have run its course. The best way to make sure is if you see any black spots on the leaves or plants, yank the whole thing out, bag it, throw it in the garbage and get a new plant. Once it's on the plant, that's it. Don't leave the plant lying out expose, even as compost, as the blight will live and move on to other living plants.

Now I just need to get grass to grow in all my lovely sand. Greg comes to the rescue with a simple plan to reseed. By the end of May, lay the seed down, cover with hay, water and fertilize and let it go. Around the end of summer, late September reseed any bare patches. Wish us all luck.

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