Turning Back The Pages 5-15-10

Words of wisdom

A newspaper reporter in 1910 interviewed 30 successful business men and found that all of them, when they were boys, had been governed strictly and frequently thrashed. He also interviewed 30 loafers and learned that 27 of them had been "mamma's darling" and the other three had been reared by their grandmother.

Rainfall means promising harvest

There is an old adage that says, "A good wet May, a barn full of hay" and it looks as if this year it will be realized. Grass, both in meadows and pastures, looks better than it has in three years. A large amount of corn is being planted this year.

For the love of a Stony Creek girl

Clifford Burns, 24, of Stony Creek, the son of John Burns, committed suicide May 12 1910 by shooting himself in the right temple with a 38-calibre revolver. His death is believed to have happened in the forenoon, but the body was not found until 10 o'clock at night.

The young man's father was out of town and his mother was employed in the morning at the hotel near the Burns' home, leaving the boy home alone. The mother returned home for dinner but was careful to be quiet as she thought her son was sleeping as he was out late the night before.

Looking in on him many hours later, she was horror-stricken to find the young man collapsed on his bed lifeless with a jagged wound in his temple. The revolver, which had fallen from his lifeless hand was lying between his feet.

The boy left no scrap of writing as to why he chose to end his life in the heyday of his youth. A Stony Creek girl is believed to be the cause of the sad tragedy. The girl was in Glens Falls where she worked as a domestic and when she heard the news she became hysterical and started for Stony Creek with her employer, John Ellsworth who feared she might become seriously ill in the car on the way home.

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