Aloha, Vermont?

Who gets to fine these Hawaiian elites for speeding on Waikiki Boulevard? What if they behave badly after dark in Honolulu's bar-brothel-arts district? The news stories I've read don't say.

The separation is based on race and culture, the articles I've read do say. The free-at-last natives would have their own Virtual Hawaii, right in there physically mixed with, but politically separate from, the traditional (since US annexation in 1898, anyway) Hawaii.

Regarding the theory of what's good for Hawaii could be good for Vermont: Why not give 1 million acres of Vermont's 6 million acres to the Yankee natives who were doing fine before to the down-country Volvoid gentrification-incursions began during the 1960s?

It's at least arguable that the once-distinct Yankee culture, responsible for creating from wilderness the farm-and-village landscape so attractive to the suburbia-fleeing inmigrants, is as worthy of preservation and self-governance as the Polynesian one now recognized.

Like the cardiologist, standing alongside his favorite mechanic, and peering under the hood of his Mercedes and hearing the auto expert say, "There's a lot we don't yet understand about valve lifters,"there's much about a virtual Hawaii which is so far unexplored.

I can visualize where Hawaiian schools might be separate but equal, but who will pay for and staff such government functions as highways, jails, and the volcano and tsunami-warning centers?

Will the crater of Mauna Loa be off-limits to non-Polynesians?

Will the real Polynesians demand the return of Pearl Harbor to its pre-U.S. Navy conditions,or will they just demand rent? (Oops, I've just been informed they're already demanding rent.)

Would Hawaii Five-O law enforcement be executed differently based on now-approved racial profiling, just as Shakespeare's "The Tempest" was built around some Europeans arrival on, and take-over of, a non-European-owned island?

Check with your high school English student regarding Caliban and Ariel, the ungentrified natives versus Prospero and Miranda (the gentry intruders), for what's being taught alongside historical literature in our ideologically post-colonial era.

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