I was recently talking with a friend of mine who informed me that he had some difficulty finding an apartment that would allow "Pit Bulls," though other dogs were welcome residents. We discussed some of the misconceptions about this breed of dog, and the actual temperament of a breed that can foster some loyal and good-natured pups.

Pit Bull is the common term for what is more technically called a Staffordshire Terrier, and is the result of crossbreeding of bulldogs and terriers. Originally thought to have been bred as sport-fighting dogs (there are some mixed opinions as to whether the fighting dogs were exactly the same breed as these), these fellows tend to have an amazing tenacity and strength. They are also loyal family members who have a long history of being valued pets by such public figures as Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Dempsey. They are intelligent animals who are eager to please and are excellent guard dogs.

When raised with a firm but loving hand, the Pit Bull can make a wonderful addition to the family home. If they aren't encouraged to be fighters or treated roughly, these misunderstood dogs are not aggressive toward people. For more information about this breed, please see www.dogbreedinfo.com. In addition, there is an educational book, "Max, The Shelter Dog," by Nicole Rivera, that helps children understand that Pit Bulls can be great pets too.

Our featured pet today is Prince, a Domestic Shorthair/Bengal Mix cat who has beautiful tiger markings and a handsome, tawny-eyed face. Although he will look at you with sleepy-seeming eyes, Prince knows exactly what's going on and may jump in to play if things look interesting. He is a gentleman cat who loves to give and receive affection, and enjoys the company of adults and children alike. If you are seeking a mellow fellow with a sense of humor, Prince is the cat for you. Why not come by and visit this royal feline today? He will surely bring a smile to your face.

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