Honor Roll

12th Grade

High Honors: Joshua Bridge, Sierra Bruno, Marion James, Benjamin Jaquish, Krystal Porter, Tara Robare

Honors: Justin Drinkwine, Jade Sayward, Alicia Mahoney, Briana Shepard, Kara O'Hara

11th Grade

Honors: Atlas Manning, John Pollock, Courtney Blanchard, William Feeley, Patrick Wells

10th Grade

High Honors: Nicholas Ball, Jocelyn Belzile, Karin Buck, Clayton Cross, Anna Daly, Kaitlin Kirkby, Deanna Mero, Adam Robare, Emily Sayward

Honors: Jeffrey Bigelow, Edward Kelly, Cody Sayward, Clay Sherman, Tayler Strong

9th Grade

High Honors: Gabrielle Coonrod, Erik Manning, Renee Marcotte, Emily Mero, Amanda Mahoney

Honors: Alyson Arnold, Tracie Gay, Morgan Murphy, Kyli Swires

8th Grade

High Honors: Gabrielle Yeager, John Fine-Lease, Lilly Kelly

Honors: Austin Ferris, Nicholas Arnold, Jarrid McVicker, Bridget Moran

7th Grade

High Honors: William Heintz, III, Kelsey Sloper, Tory Wade

Honors: Rachael Burt, Jack Oliver, Miranda Pierre, Sherika Pulsifer, Marshall Steeves

6th Grade

High Honors: Elizabeth Daly, Laura Klein, Connor Sheehan

Honors: Dellandy Christian, Jillian Dean

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