Why some days are worth more than others

In a past column, I touched on one of the most interesting tips for saving at the grocery store: you can save even more money by shopping certain days of the week! Sound surprising? It's true. The day of the week we shop can make a big difference in how much money we can save.

Many supermarkets, especially large chains, run dual sets of sales each week. A typical week-long cycle may begin on Thursday and run for seven days. Then, when Sunday comes around, a second sales flyer hits the newspapers. This supplemental set of sales typically runs for four days, Sunday through Wednesday.

If your store runs dual sales cycles, the best days to shop are the days both sets of flyers overlap - typically, Sunday through Wednesday. These are better shopping days because two different sets of sales run in the store simultaneously.

Sometimes those two sales actually overlap, offering different types of promotions on the same products. If this happens, simply shopping the days the two sales overlap lets us enjoy bigger benefits.

Here's an example: During a recent sale, a brand of crackers was on sale for $2.19, Buy One, Get One Free in the weekly, 7-day flyer. On Sunday, the store's second 4-day sales flyer came out, and the same brand of crackers was on sale "Buy Two, Get Two Free." During the same week, both of these sales overlapped for four days.

My shopping radar always goes up when I see something like this, because I know this sale's going to be fun! When an item is BOGO on one sales cycle and simultaneously Buy Two, Get Two Free on the second sales cycle, how many are we buying, and how many are we actually paying for?

In this case, we'll buy one ... and get three more free.

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