This is Your Artery, & This is Your Artery Clogged with Fat

In a recent class, the students learned about the effects of unhealthy fats on their bodies, and were shown what a mere extra pound of fat looks like on their bodies - imagine a pound of butter, four of those bars, all melted together. That's just one pound of fat. If you're 20 or 30 pounds overweight, imagine 20 or 30 pound of butter melted into a big glob. That's what you're carrying around.

The students were shown some of the effects of the extra fat from poor eating habits, most notably what bad fats do to the body's arteries, clogging them with plaque that builds up on the sides of the arteries, leading to high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.

Chambers noted that one slice of traditional pepperoni pizza has a staggering 18 grams of unhealthy fat, and that even a healthy salad can be a diet disaster if it's covered in dressing with a lot of unhealthy fat in it. Making small, healthy choices like eating frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, plain pizza instead of pepperoni, eating a regular burger instead of a Big Mac, can dramatically reduce the number of calories and the amount of fat a person eats every day.

The students then created their own whole wheat pizzas with healthy toppings, and made a salad and their own dressing for it based on healthy oils and vinegar. Assisting the students with the cooking were Our Place chef Matt Gowell and volunteer Larisa Demos.

To find out more about the EFNEP and this healthy eating program, contact Chambers at 885-8387 or jennifer.m.chambers@uvm.edu.

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