Caution: frog crossing

SALISBURY-Local volunteers from Defenders of Wildlife's Wildlife Volunteer Corps will team up with Warren King from the Otter Creek Audubon Society this spring and take to the roads to help frogs, toads and salamanders cross roads safely to reach their vernal pool breeding grounds.

With up to 500 amphibians crossing the road on a good night even one car can have severe impacts on the hapless critters. Which is exactly the reason why, year after year, Warren King, Jim Andrews of Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project and local volunteers dedicate their evenings to ensuring these animals make it across alive.

"With this program we have an opportunity to show people one of the unseen but intriguing sides of amphibian life," explains King. "Not only will we save many salamanders and frogs from being flattened, we will provide solid quantitative data on the timing and extent of amphibian migration for the area's herpetologist. Everyone wins!"

The New Haven and Salisbury sites have lower traffic volumes than other sites around the area and focus more on education for local residents.

According to King, residents will be able to see amphibians at these crossings that they will see no where else in the state. That and the vast amount of amphibians that can cross the roads in a night make it a unique area for local residents to learn about an often unseen part of their natural areas.

Volunteers will be needed three nights through April 25. Contact: Warren King kinglet@together.net.

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