Alexander's Tai Kwon Do Offers Tactical Self Defense Classes

Huzon Alexander, owner of Alexander's Tai Kwon Do based in Londonderry, is currently offering a certified martial arts system, complete with tests and ranking from white to black belt, known as Tactical Self Defense.

Twice a week (Mon. and Wed.) from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., this class is for teens and adults only and taught to those accepted into the program, as to avoid those who may look to be negatively aggressive with the knowledge.

"I have taught various self defense awareness programs in several of the local schools including The Mountain School in Winhall, Flood Brook School in Londonderry, Green Mountain High School and Chester-Andover Elementary School in Chester and the Saxtons River School," Alexander said in a recent interview.

"The system is based around awareness and situational prevention. For example, if someone wants your money or your keys - give it to them because these things can be replaced. You cannot be replaced.

"However," Alexander continued, "When your life or well being is at risk, this is a different story, so I have developed the defense portion of my system through a range of martial arts (Jui Jitsu, Judo, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, kick boxing and traditional boxing) in order to take what I feel makes the most sense for "street self defense".

In other words, this is not for tournaments or demonstration, but real-life defense."

The techniques Alexander teaches do not revolve around tactics such as simply punching an attacker repeatedly, but rather having a deep knowledge of the human body, specific targets and strikes to those targets, without wasting time or risk to your well-being.

"For example," Alexander concluded. "If someone tries to grab you by the wrist to pull you into a vehicle, a calculated, quick response with a solid follow up will end the situation.

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