Question of the month: What is your favorite genre of books to read?

I like robot books because I like C3PO and R2D2. I like outer space books because if you let go of your seatbelt you fly.

Evan Anello - Kindergarten - Newcomb Central School

I like to read Spider-Man books. I like Spider-Man so much.

Alexander Thomas - Kindergarten - Johnsburg Central School

My favorite genre is expository text because it helps me learn stuff about animals. I like "Animal Camouflage."

Devon Millington - Grade 2 - Johnsburg Central School

My favorite genre is nonfiction because I learn things that are true. I learned that Madam C.J. Walker was a millionaire.

Craig Bateman - Grade 3 - Johnsburg Central School

My favorite genre is auto-biography or biography. I like these genres because I like hearing about famous athlete's lives.

Kagan Helms - Grade 3 - Newcomb Central School

My favorite genre has changed over the years. When I was little I like to read about talking mice and flying treehouses. Now I read nonfiction. I have read many books about the Titanic. Reading these books helps me lean more and more about history.

Eden Smith - Grade 4 - Johnsburg Central School

My favorite genre and books to read are gold stories. I like them because they teach you a lesson. In "Racoon's last Rave," by Joseph Bruchac the lesson is not to brag. Some lessons can be very important when you're older.

Jordan Bush - Grade 5 - Newcomb Central School

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