Lake George governments find new ways to share services

LAKE GEORGE - The municipalities of Lake George have struck an agreement to expand their cooperation and sharing of services to benefit their taxpayers, Mayor Robert Blais and Town Supervisor Frank McCoy jointly announced this week.

The Village and Town will enter into a new intermunicipal agreement providing an exchange of services resulting in a savings for both municipalities, they said after a recent meeting in which the new initiatives were figured out.

Town employees will take over mowing responsibilities of Village parks and the Village Hall, work previously accomplished by a private contractor.

Village Water and Sanitation employees, already on duty weekends, will assume responsibilities of checking all Town water and sewer pump stations, saving a considerable amount of employee overtime, Blais and McCoy said.

Town of Lake George officials have also agreed to reinstate their contributions to the Village's weekly fireworks shows and share in the costs of two of the weekly Shepard Park events - Magical Musical Mondays and Tribute Tuesdays, saving the Village over $17,000..

Village employees, trained in the use of a pipeline inspection camera, will undertake inspections during April and May of both the Town's sewer lines, and those in the Village.

McCoy has appointed Town Board members Scott Wood and Vincent Crocitto and Blais appointed Village Trustees John Root and Raymond Perry to work jointly on a potential plan to dissolve the Village. They are to report back to both boards, sometime in September. However, this dissolution will be up to the village voters to ultimately decide.

The Village and Town of Lake George have been recognized in the past for their sharing of water and sanitation facilities. They also share a Joint Youth Commission, Town-Village Assessor, Court Clerk, Dog Warden and Justice Court.

Mayor Blais and Supervisor McCoy have also initiated talks on a new wastewater treatment contract for the Town's Caldwell Sewer District, sale of the transfer station property from the Village to the Town, and an agreement on use of the Village's Lake George Recreation Center.

These new initiatives were a result of a recent meeting between McCoy and Blais.

The two said their boards are committed to working together and seek out ways to share services and save local taxpayers money.

"We plan to continue the excellent relationship we have had in the past between our two municipalities," Blais said.

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