You Can Heal Your Life is a Life Changing Book

Louise Hay's life changing book, which has taught millions of people worldwide how to help themselves, is often the first book I recommend to students who want to change their lives. It teaches self-love which is the foundation of all healing. Most disease, possibly all disease, comes from a lack of love for ourselves.

Reiki can help us see how we are "pulling the wool over our eyes" so that we have not noticed our lack of self-love. Reiki stimulates our desire to help ourselves and opens up new channels for manifesting that help. Reiki makes changing easier.

Meditating while giving yourself Reiki is an excellent method of calming stress, quieting the mind, and giving ourselves a warm and loving energy bath that can work miracles. As the template for the body, mind, and spirit is located in our human energy field, healing our energy field is the key to healing our body, mind, and spirit.

Louise Hay's affirmations will help to reprogram your mind with loving, helpful thoughts that are loving, helpful vibrations. You can heal your energy field with this combination of Reiki, meditation, and affirmations. Start today!

Lauren Potter is a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner and conscious channel for angel guides. She teaches Reiki Certification Classes and "Trust theAngels" Workshops in Vermont and on the Maine coast and maintains an angel therapy practice including Reiki in two area office locations. She may be reached at 591-0507 or 885-3376.

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