Workout for a Cure continues raising funds for St. Jude's

CHAMPLAIN - Bonnilee Myers always loved children. Her daughter, Joy Sarbou-Jubert kept this in mind when she began Workout for a Cure in 2005.

Workout for a Cure, a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, allows people to bring in flat donations or be sponsored based on how many weights they lift or miles they run.

"[My mother's] favorite charity while I was growing up was St. Jude's," Sarbou-Jubert explained. "She always had an envelope set aside in the kitchen and whenever she had a few dollars, she'd always send it in to St. Jude's."

When Myers was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, Sarbou-Jubert decided to begin the fundraiser.

"When she was diagnosed and she had actually gone through her first round of chemo ... I remember her saying that 'If this is how it makes me feel, can you imagine how it makes kids feel?'" she explained.

Although Myers passed away in 2008, Sarbou-Jubert continues the annual event, now as a memorial to her mother.

"I continue to do this because it's a way to keep my mom close to us," Sarbou-Jubert said.

The main fundraising event was held at Global Fitness and Martial Art Club, owned by Sarbou-Jubert, March 6. However, people are still welcome to bring in donations are pick up a form to be sponsored.

"We usually send ... in between $2,500-3,000 by the time it's totally done," Sarbou-Jubert said. "St. Jude's tells us, believe it or not, that in New York, for being one of the smaller gyms, compared to the bigger ones, that we send in pretty much the most money."

Rolla Parker Jr. was at the March 6 event, lifting 365 pounds, with people sponsoring him for each pound he was able to lift.

"I'm expecting a good chunk of change from this," Sarbou-Jubert said. "It's fantastic."

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