This week we at the NCSPCA thought you might be interested in some information about the intelligence of your canine friend. There have been long debates on how smart dogs when compared to humans. The majority of research seems to indicate that our loyal pets may be smarter than we think!

On average, The domestic dog appears to possess a social intelligence that is uncommon in the animal world. Puppies have been shown to learn behaviors quickly by following examples set by experienced dogs. Research has even been shown that dogs are capable of interpreting subtle social cues, and seem to be aware of when a human or dog's attention is directed their way. Psychologist and leading canine researcher Stanley Coren, PhD, of the University of British Columbia, found evidence that the average IQ of a dog is approximately 2-2.5 human years old. They can even understand more than 150 words and intentionally deceive other dogs - and humans - to get toys or treats. The next time you think your pup isn't listening or understanding your conversation, you may want to think again!

Our featured pet this week is Quila, a honey-colored Beagle/Boxer mix who will do anything to get your attention for a good game of catch, a walk, or a scratch behind her ears. She is good-natured and easy going; the perfect companion for a family with children. She has an endearing smile and loves to go for walks. You will certainly see the intelligence and humor in those deep brown eyes when she cocks her head to listen to you. If you decide to come out to the shelter and meet her, the Spring weather is a beautiful time to take her for a walk and get to know her!

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