Getting Stuck on Stupid

When Stuck on Stupid comes to town, they want people to have a good time - and they do.

The Albany-based classic rock/hard rock band - which consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Dom Brino, lead guitarist Jake Rohloff, bassist Adam Albright, and drummer Garrett Damore - formed as a garage band in 2006. Their original name was "Whiplash," and had some different band members, said Brino, before evolving into the four who make up the band today.

The band's first taste of Plattsburgh was about a year ago when they were booked at The Green Room. It was a wild night, recalled Brino, and the college scene was something they weren't used to yet.

"We were shocked," said Brino. "At midnight the place got packed and just turned into a giant party with dancing, games and just a great atmosphere. "

The crowd was really into them and the feeling was mutual, said Brino.

"Ever since then, we consider The Green Room as our home spot," he said. "[Owner Chris Dumont] really takes care of us and his crew that works there are fun and down to earth people."

Brino said the band loves playing Plattsburgh and feels each show is "just a giant party."

"Everyone's having a great time dancing and singing and we absolutely love mingling with that type of crowd," he said. "If you're in a bad mood and you happen to walk into The Green Room with us playing, most likely your going to forget about those problems and let loose with everyone around you and have a great time."

What makes Stuck on Stupid stand out from other bands, said Brino, are the band's original songs and covers they do of ones people can't get out their heads. Since the four are still in their teens, he added, a big part of the attraction to them is the level they play at for their age.

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