Athol-Thurman 3-13-10

Snow buries us up here in the hills

Thanks all of you who complained of no snow, nature responded last week with three or four storms depositing over a foot of wet heavy snow.

On several days last week, we had snow falling all day long. Our power was out several times on Feb. 24 for hours at a time, and the Wednesday snowfall alone totaled about 17.5 inches, and by Thursday we accumulated more - and still more on Friday. Totals varied as some regions had a rain mixture, but was well over two feet was recorded.

Local men with pickup trucks had a hard job trying to plow as the snow was so heavy. Town crews were out night and day keeping our roads open - the snow fell so fast that roads were never bare. With heavy snow weighing down limbs, trees fell, blocking roads and bringing down utility lines which caused many neighbors to be without electricity and phone service. One neighbor on Sky High Rd. had a tree fall across their home. Neighbors went to help them get the tree cut up and out of the way. Snow continued falling Saturday Feb. 27 and the next day. Whew!

Seniors Club news

The Sugar Loaf Mountain Seniors Club will be going out to a luncheon, at 11 a.m. on Wednesday March 24 at the Chinatown Restaurant in Queensbury. Those who would like to attend the meeting and luncheon, call Norma at 623-9425.

At the Feb. 20 meeting, 22 Club members enjoyed a hurried meeting and covered dish lunch, and Donna Wormwood presented information on the 2010 census. The upcoming trips were not discussed but will be at the March meeting. The March 20 seniors meeting scheduled at the town hall has been canceled.

Events and activities in Thurman

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