An inconvenient history

As for those indestructible young adults who freely choose not to purchase insurance in a (mostly) free country, they should be free to go bare if they wish, and sign up later at a higher premium, under the same age-related insurance cost schedule as is already established for long-term care. Should they lose their own personal actuarial gamble and get seriously sick while still "bare", they ought to expect other taxpayers to give them, as a charity, only the most basic and not the most advanced care.

As the Prez himself, in a health-care cost-control context, said recently, "sometimes a pain-killer is cost-effective treatment". And a recent ag secretary made a (best para-phrased) comment about "clean sheets and a tight roof". The full flavor can be Googled under "Earl Butz quotes", but I'd recommend against it.

Former Vermonter Martin Harris lives in Tennessee.

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