U-Haul dealer robbed at gunpoint in Rutland

On Feb. 18, Rutland State Police Dispatch received a report of an armed robbery at the U-Haul Rental in Rutland Town.

The general manager of U-Haul, Kevin Holcomb, reported that he had been robbed at gunpoint while in his apartment above the U-Haul Rental. He advised he had just gone up to the apartment and was sitting in his living room with his wife.

Several persons entered the apartment. All of the suspects had full face masks on and the victims did not get a good look at what they were wearing. They advised that a male subject had produced a weapon, which was identified as a small pistol believed to be a revolver, with a shiny metal barrel. The manager advised that the suspect pointed it directly at his head, when the suspect felt he was not moving fast enough.

Holcomb and his wife were then ordered to lay flat on the floor and to keep their faces down. Due to this, they were not aware of what the suspects did in the apartment. They advised the suspect then ordered them to give them their money, which they did as ordered. The suspect then took other items from the residence. Due to the ongoing nature of this investigation, no exact information is being released as to what was taken during this incident.

Shortly after, all the suspects ran from the apartment. A canvas of the area produced three witnesses. Except for variances, the basic description was approximately 3 t o 5 individuals were reported to have been seen running from the area of the U-Haul.

Initial reports indicated there was two females and three males involved. It was reported that there was at least one female with blond hair in a pony tail. She was observed getting into the driver's seat of a light green 4 door, reported to be either a GM Pontiac or Honda Accord style vehicle.This vehicle was found to have been parked at the entrance to the FW Webb location on Cold River Road. The vehicle was then seen heading east on Cold River Rd, with the female operating.

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