Sex and the Logger

Is where you are where you thought you might be? Is where you are where you want to be?

Have you recently stood on the outside looking in at yourself to see where you are? Well, tell you what-I like where I am even if the palm of my hands are soft.

I started adult life being a calloused-handed man, but my passion led me to where I am today: sitting typing, eating a granola parfait. But I'm okay with that. Why wouldn't I be? It's a pretty easy life. If you aren't okay with where you're at, make some changes soon; we're all getting old even if you're age 19.

On that same subject...well, not really, I want to recommend a DVD I watched the other night. Don't laugh-the movie is titled, "Sex in the City."

My Mom told me her girlfriends were planning on watching "Sex in the City;" I wondered if my mother knew what she was getting herself into? I am sure she hadn't seen the television show and I told her there would be graphic nudity, cussin', and frank sexual conversation; knowing her, I was pretty sure she would be uncomfortable watching it. She agreed with me and said she'd pass.

For me, however, the video started out a bit slow, boring, and predictable. It never reached a level of unpredictability, but after the first 20 minutes or so it layered into believability. When I see a flick I want to be able to believe the story, and I want to care about the characters. I'm not saying I cared a great deal about all the characters throughout, but there were certainly many more moments of truth in the movie than I expected. There were funny moments, too. The gals in the ensemble are sharp as far as I'm concerned, they got the job done-and than some. I liked actor Chris Noth who plays the lead male character. I'm surprised-the DVD will appeal to men almost as well as women. I liked "Sex in the City," but you know what? You might hate it. Who's to say really?

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