Fort Ti to featured on TV

TICONDEROGA - Speculation has been running high about the results of the week-long investigation at Fort Ticonderoga by The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

The results of the teams' findings will be the subject of a Ghost Hunters episode that will air on Syfy Channel March 10.

Given the site's eventful history there is no lack of ghost stories. Will this investigation finally substantiate the tales of apparitions, objects moving inside cases, and the sounds of horses' hooves, whispering voices and ancient music?

The March 10 episode will focus on the paranormal activity at Fort Ticonderoga. It will include testimony from several employees; eyewitnesses to all types of sights and sounds that cannot be explained in any logical way.

Ghost Hunters investigators Jason Hawes, Dave Tango, Kris Williams and Amy Bruni, along with Tech Manager Steve Gonzales spent nearly a week in November on the fort grounds. They started late in the afternoons and worked through three nights.

Accompanied by Fort Ti Curator of Collections Christopher Fox, the investigators went to all the places where odd occurrences have been reported over the years. Many of these are in regularly visited parts of the Fort and the surrounding grounds but some of the investigations were in areas that have never been open to the public. Fox described the various reported incidents for each area and the team used instruments designed to record sounds, movements and possible apparitions.

Fort Ti staff Babette Props-Treadway and Mark Turdo helped the team during its nighttime work.

Props-Treadway, the private functions director at the fort, said, "Fort Ticonderoga is known for its paranormal activity, the history is so rich and ancient. It was such an honor to have TAPS Ghost Hunters come here. They are respectful, discerning and very professional. This is one show that no one wants to miss."

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