Over the past two months, I have noticed many of my friends and coworkers suffering from sneezing and itchy, watery eyes with the blossoming of spring. I've shared some of their misery myself with a mild case of allergies to pollen. But you may not have considered that it's highly possible your pet, as well as yourself, may suffer sensitivities to common environmental irritants. Below is some basic information that can help you to help your pet with these concerns.

Although pets occasionally exhibit the same watery eyes and sneezing we do, the most common reaction is scratching. Constant scratching may lead to welts, open sores, and even loss of hair. It's important to try to pinpoint the source of the allergy in order to provide effective treatment.

Your veterinarian will likely conduct an in-depth interview and some testing to help determine the cause of your pet's discomfort - for example, allergies can be caused by things your pet inhales, such as pollens, molds, and dust mites. Allergies can also be caused by flea bites. Certain allergies occur from items your pet ingests. Contact allergies can be caused by such things as carpet fibers, plastics, and other things. The goal of intervention is elimination or reduction of your pet's exposure to the irritant, but pets can also be treated with medications to help reduce symptoms and make your pet more comfortable.

Our featured pet this week is Tessa, a beautiful, golden Labrador Retreiver/Rottweler mix with a sweet disposition. This intelligent young lady is calm and well mannered - she would be proud to show off her good behavior if you come and take her for a walk! She enjoys being out in the fresh air and sunshine with the people she loves. She would make an excellent addition to a family with children. If you stop by the shelter to meet Tessa, you will surely be charmed and unable to stop petting her thick, glossy coat. Why not come visit her today?

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