Turning Back the Pages 6-26-10

Roy Pollock of Gull Bay heard cries for help from shore and dived into the water and swam 30 feet to save Russell just in the nick of time. Two men in a motorboat saved Phillips. Bryan's body was recovered the next day.

Once I was visiting Bolton Cemetery and the first stone to catch my eye said, "Emmie Wilhelms, born July 26, 1872, drowned in Lake George Sept. 5, 1931." Her story is buried in the grave with her.

I once read a story about a diver who was searching for lost French and Indian War sunken boat wrecks in the depths of Lake George and he encountered an an amazing sight - lying peacefully on the cold lake-bottom was a woman dressed in 19th century attire. Serene and perfectly preserved by the icy waters,the woman appeared as if she was sleeping. Amazed, the diver cautiously touched her and she disintegrated before his eyes, according to the tale.

Halit Seker, 33, Brooklyn, disappeared July 16, 2009 while swimming off a pontoon boat near Bass Island in the Narrows. His body was found the next day 40 feet under.

It is hard to believe a person wearing a life jacket could drown but it has happened. On Aug. 16, 2009, Ronald Scarlett, 47, Hartford, Conn., drowned after jumping from a boat at Shepard's Cove near Lake George village and he was wearing a life jacket. It wasn't buckled and came off when he hit the water.

On the last day of February 2006, Wayne H. Pelkey, 72, Rutland, Vt., broke through the ice on his four-wheeler just offshore of Hulett's Landing on Lake George. He was an avid ice fisherman who had trouble walking and he had a good knowledge of the lake, fishing for perch, salmon and lake trout there often over many years.

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