Summer arrives Adirondack style: Let the fun begin

Across the Northern Hemisphere, summer officially began Monday, June 21 at 7:28 am. However, if the quality of weather were taken into account, it seems as if we've been enjoying summer since early April.

For a few lucky, summer lasts year 'round. For them, it has become almost a state of mind, it is part of the mystery of the Adirondacks and its residents. We are willing to suffer through a long, hard winter, because we know that when summer comes, time slows down.

It's a quieter, cooler and fresher time, with a late light and a quick night. The pace slows and people return to camp life. It is announced by the late night wail of a loon or the throaty roar of an old, ChrisCraft motoring up the lake in the morning's fog.

In my mind's view, summer begins with the season's first muggy night. It comes at a time when the hoot of an owl can still be heard from the nearby woods. It happens as lightning bugs flicker in the darkness and June Bugs begin to bounce off the window screens. It's the two months that allow us to put up with the other 10 months of unpredictable weather.

Sure, I know the roads will get busy, but often, the traffic is bringing old friends home, whether to a camp, a tent or a childhood home. In an odd way, summer has the unique ability of bringing us all back home.

It is a season of many scents. Likely the most odiferous odor, a smell that continues to conjure up the most memories, is the scent of camp. It is an old smell that lingers inside all the old camps and it has the potency, with just a simple wiff, to make us all kids again.

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