Welcome to the new look of the 'burgh!

"Conservation-minded folks brought that to our attention," said Alexander. "VersoPaper is a highly-rated organization that has received high honors for use of materials and energy, most recently being named Green Business Innovator of the Year."

The shifting of gears for the 'burgh is something that also excites senior editor Jeremiah S. Papineau.

"By making these changes, I feel we're moving in a direction that will secure the longevity of the 'burgh and hopefully make it a publication our readers can pick up for years to come," said Papineau. "I'm proud of the accomplishments we've made this far, especially in connecting with the community through our articles. It's a great feeling."

Editor Sarah L. Cronk, known within Denton Publications for her continued efforts in helping the company become "more green," agreed.

"The glossy stock the 'burgh was formerly printed on, while great in terms of how pictures and ads printed, wasn't that great for the environment," said Cronk. "It's more difficult to recycle and hopefully the change to our current paper stock will make a difference."

"Also, I think bringing the printing in-house will truly solidify the fact that we focus on being local," added Cronk.

The goal of Denton Publications in regards to the 'burgh is now to expand the paper's variety of news coverage in Plattsburgh, add to staff and increase the number of stories in each edition.

"We have a number of new articles and features planned that we hope will resonate with the readers of the 'burgh," said Alexander. "We hope to dig deep into the community and cover the type of news no one else does and that can't be found anywhere else."

That, combined with the fact the 'burgh reaches more than 15,000 homes in the town and city of Plattsburgh makes for an outstanding news product for readers and advertisers.

"We reach more than four times more homes than any other print publication in Plattsburgh," said Alexander. "Our circulation of the paper is second to none and the 'burgh continues to have great potential to serve the community and we plan to see it realize that potential."

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