Ti poets recognized by middle school

TICONDEROGA - Ticonderoga Middle School hosted its 22nd annual poetry contest this spring with students submitting more than 150 works.

Participants were recognized at a poets reception planned by the school Parent-Teacher Organization. Cash prizes and participation awards were given.

Teachers Laura Kiely, Kyle lang, Virginia Horne and Tracey Price conducted the contest. Ti High School administrators and teachers served as judges.

The sixth grade winner was Savannah Bezon. Her poems reads:


HOT grainy sand

Cool silky water

CREAKING swing set

Waves crashing

GRITTY peanut butter sandwich

Suntan oil

FRESH fishy air

The sun beating down

WAVES pulling the sand

Dark green slimy seaweed

PEOPLE glancing

And having fun


People laughing

Colvin Chapman was second and Kaitlin Baker third in sixth grade. Honorable mention went to Hannah Ross.

The seventh grade winner was Maegan Ross. Her poem reads:


Whenever I think of my grandpa, the word hero instantly

Pops into my head

I don't dislike caner,

I hate it

July fifteenth, the day that God took him, as

Caner ate him away, so there was no more of him

It doesn't seem like he's gone

I can picture him and see him whenever I'm sad

I can sense his hugs when I'm cold

And I can detect him cheering me on at my games

I know my papa wanted everyone to be happy, all the time

But, now it's his time to be happy and safe

My grandfather was just about the nicest, caring man in the world

I know he never swore, or yelled

I can imagine camping, guitar, teaching me how to play sports, getting me

Through school, and him just being there always

I hope my heart is big enough for all the memories;

I definitely know his heart is big enough

Ian Lawrie was second and Nicholas Cox third in seventh grade. Honorable mention went to Cody Shaner, Lexi Moore and Michaela Fitzgerald.

The eighth grade winner was Coleman Granger. His poem reads:

A Delicious Explosion

Take Hip-Hop and Metal

Combine in the Same Room

Let it Blend Together

Until You Hear Nothing

Cook the Sound in an Amplifier

At 375 Watts until it blows

You Can Tell When It's Done When It's On Fire

Sprinkle the Synthesizer

Serve With a Guitar and Drums

Taste the Explosion

Kaitlin Diskin was second and Alyssa LaRock third in the eighth grade. Honorable mention went to Kimberly Porter.

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