This week the NCSPCA has some good news! The Golden Girls were both adopted by a loving couple in Vermontville. In addition, Indigo, a long-time shelter resident - of three years - who was recently featured, has found a wonderful home the local area with her new owner, Fred. He saw her picture in the Valley News, and upon visiting her, it was love at first sight. This week's picture, which shows Fred and Indigo, will warm your heart.

Our featured pet this week is Kitty, a handsome domestic-longhair fellow who arrived at the shelter with such a matted coat that the shelter staff had to give him a bath and a bit of a "buzz" cut. This is actually a very humane treatment for longhair cats in the summer, as it helps control shedding and overheating. Kitty seemed to enjoy the bath and pampering immensly and adores being petted, brushed, and getting a good chin scratch. This good-natured feline will win your heart with his purrs and nuzzles. His glossy black coat is beginning to look quite dapper now that it is beginning to grow, and his green eyes perpetually sparkle with mischief.

If you have an opportunity in the near future, come by the shelter and visit our many wonderful animals. Our dogs always appreciate a brisk or leisurely walk, and our cats and kittens love the chance to socialize. Call us today at 962-8604 to find out about volunteer activities, adoption policies, or hours of availibility.

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