Hot weather safety - drink up!

Drinking enough water - especially in hot weather - can be difficult for the elderly, infants, and those taking certain medications, whose sense of thirst may not be sensitive.

Water is involved in all body processes. We need the proper amount for those processes to work correctly. The loss of these fluids and salts can be serious, especially for older people.

Dehydration symptoms:

• Headache - the most common symptom

• Dry mouth and tongue

• Cracked lips and dry skin

• Sunken eyes

• Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

• Dark, strong smelling urine

• Weight loss

• Fast heart beat

• Low blood pressure

• Confusion, light-headedness

Did you know?

A person can qualify for Medicare with no work history in the United States. As long as the individual has at least five years continuous permanent residency in the US and is age 65, they are eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B.

Part B will be available at the standard monthly premium ($110.50) in 2010) but Part A will have a high monthly premium $461 in 2010).

Oftentimes, these individuals opt to have Part B only and may be identified with a Medicare number ending with an "M" suffix to signify that they do not qualify for premium-free Part A.

(Taken from New York State HIICAP)

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