Former Plattsburgh State student's independent film nears completion

PLATTSBURGH - It's a process that's taken almost a decade, but Jason Andrew Torrance has created his first independent feature film. And, it's one he feels viewers will enjoy.

Torrance, a former student at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, is nearing completion on the production of "Melodrama," a dramatic piece he's been working on since the spring of 2002. The film centers around the main character of Tom, a writer who works in a theater. One night, Tom, played by Torrance, storms out of the theater mumbling about not being listened to, and drives home in a rage. Once home, he frantically searches for something among his papers which are strewn about the place. A knock at the door interrupts his hunt and, at first, no one is at the door. There's a second knock, and it's his best friend, Jack, a struggling actor played by Adam Soule, a former SUNY Plattsburgh student from Keeseville.

"What proceeds is a discussion, pleasant at first and then ominous," explained Torrance.

Tom surmises Jack's visit has to do with the incident at the theater, he said, but the subject of the conversation turns to the subject of a woman both seem involved with - Rachel, a character played by both Teresa Riddle and Zoey D'Arienzo.

"The mysterious young woman drives the drama of the evening to a climax where reality breaks down and both friends savagely attack each other, physically and emotionally," said Torrance.

The emotions of anger and guilt, mixed with blame and confusion, "whirl together as the truth threatens everyone," he added.

"I think the film is concerned with the idea of desire, images of desire and their crippling effects," said Torrance. "Both characters are bound by their desire for Rachel and also by desire for their careers, their ambition. And the strange portrait of co-dependency that the film paints lies at the center of the film's power."

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